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So, to be honest, the 'us' is more of a 'me'...

Hi I'm Laura and I run Elsie & Nell, my accessories and stationery brand, from my little studio in Sheffield!

Elsie & Nell is my way of combining my love for words, typography and craft to produce a range of accessories and stationery with a message!

I've always had a love of words and quotes, and kept all my favourite ones in little notebooks. I'm not big on sentiment, so most of them are empowering, encouraging or just made me giggle! I started printing some of my favourite quotes on tote bags for myself and my family; I loved the idea of using a bag that could send a message to everyone who saw it! Eventually, other people started asking if they could buy them for their friends and family and it just developed from there! Elsie & Nell hasn't always been about bags, it's also detoured through cards, stationery, cushions, jewellery; always using quotes and words as the main theme for all of these products.

I opened my shop in May 2014 and have been amazed of how supportive and passionate Elsie & Nell customers are about buying handmade goods from small businesses, it really does mean everything to me and my little business!

After a lot of learning and developing, I have now created a range of core products which make up Elsie & Nell. As always, my main aim is to use quotes and sayings which empower, encourage and generally just make people smile when they see them!