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Why So Positive?

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You might have noticed by now that my little business is entirely centred around positivity. I try to never use negative statements, and never use positive ones that garner their positivity from putting other people down.

All the quotes and sayings I use aim to be either inspirational, motivational, empowering or funny and there are many reasons for this.

My main reason for wanting my business to be centred around positivity is that we live in a generally negative world. While amazing things happen every day, we rarely hear about them; with 24/7 news channels needing every minute to be filled, things are reported on that we would never have heard about before round the clock news and so much of that is about the bad things occurring around the world.

Along with news channels pedalling negativity, we also get newspapers and glossy magazines circling slight imperfections on celebrities, telling us how and why we should loose weight and how we can improve our (obviously miserable lives).

I want to go a little way to combat this; I want people to pick my makeup bags up in the morning when they are getting ready and start the day seeing a positive and uplifting statement that'll stick with them throughout the day. I want people to see others carrying my tote bags and laugh at the funny saying on them. When people take out one of my notebooks to jot some ideas down I want the quote on it to make them feel they can do anything they want to do. Maybe this is overreaching, but if my products can fight even a tiny bit of the negativity we see in every day life then I am more than happy!!


Laura x


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