The Slowest Start to the Year Ever...

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Hello friends!

I can't believe we are halfway through April, I am only just getting my mojo back after a super slow start this year and now I need to start thinking about the end of the year and into next year again! It's madness!

So far this year, things have been a bit up and down. Sales have been slow (as I think they have for everyone, we are all feeling the pinch!) but this has given me time to think and do new things and I have SO MANY ideas racing through my brain I am struggling to get them all out and make any sense of them!

The first thing I have to tell you about is my Kickstarter that will be launching on Friday (if it's approved to go live). I've designed a range of sweatshirts, and I considered just buying all the sizes and colours and launching them myself, but having seen successful Kickstarter campaigns, and the buzz they create I thought I'd give it a go. I have some smaller pledges if you don't want a sweatshirt but still want to help out. I'll be posting EVERYWHERE when it goes live, so keep an eye out for the links.

I've released a few new products, including these extra large makeup bags. I've also changed a few designs round and removed some old ones that I didn't like anymore; just a general spring clean. I also now offer all my designs in a full range of colours, including an AMAZING holographic silver that shines a million colours in the light. I can't get over it.


I'm also working on a new website behind the scenes, it's not going to be too different or groundbreaking, but it'll be a little bit more interesting than this one which was just a super basic starter website!

So much to doooo! I also have plans for offering printing services, my newsletter, the possibility of a second shop, I'm looking into Patreon and I'm trying to blog more... the list never ends. I think when you are creative, your mind just keeps churning out 'what if you just try this?' and 'this might be the thing that takes off'. I'm trying not to rush myself through these jobs or plans, and at the minute I am just writing down everything I get an idea for and I'll work my way through them when I finish the last job. That's the plan anyway, but in all honesty, I'll probably start working on them all and get nothing finished....

If anyone has any tips on how to stick to one task and not get distracted by new ones, I'd be very interested to hear them!

Have a great day!



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