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Ahh, the age old question. Should I sell things I love creating, or things that are more likely to sell? 

In an ideal world, what you love to make would be the thing that made you a millionaire. Can you imagine? Genuinely loving to make something that everyone wants to buy. That's the dream. It works for some people, I'm sure, but my business ain't making me a millionaire. 

So what do I do?

I'm sure we have all seen those things posted on Facebook with hundreds of comments asking to buy 5, and you have the 'WHY ARE YOU SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON THAT?!' moment. You think, my things are so much nicer, and I spent lots of time picking out a nice font (and paid for a commercial license!), I bought props to take good photos, and actually edited them! But people are still buying the facebook things, so you think maybe I should just make things people like, not that I love creating.

If you are a 'serious' business person and you are all about making money (absolutely no shade, I wish I was more like that!), then you won't care as much what your product looks like as long as it sells, but if you are a creative then making something you hate just to make some quick money feels like creating a Horcrux; a bit of your soul goes with it. 

I've tried so hard to make 'popular' items, with little to no thought, but then my brain starts; that other font would be much nicer. you could just change the colour, maybe it'd be better if you actually hand lettered it instead, and then BOOM, it's back to being something you love, and gets lots of lovely instagram comments but ZERO SALES.

I think it's the curse of being creative. I find it difficult to put my name to designs I've spent hours on, because I know they could be better, so to put my name to something I hate would be THE WORST.

But if it made me £500 a day I might consider it....

Maybe I'll set up an eBay or Amazon account, tell no-one about it, and just list hundreds of mugs and t-shirts with terrible fonts with crude jokes and pretend that my carefully composed Elsie & Nell designs have bought me the new Range Rover and holiday to LA. 

Would you create things you hate to make a lots of money? 

Let me know!

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