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Room Ideas - Copper and Grey

I love looking at homewares and furniture, but until I actually have a house to decorate I have to be content with just window shopping!

I love monochrome; I'm a bit weary of colour and never wear a lot of it either, but monochrome with a pop of a single colour or accent always looks classy and well done... like you knew what you were doing!!

Here are a few pieces that I love, and would definitely be buying if I had my own space to fill!


'Don't Quit Your Daydream' Banner - £12 - Elsie & Nell

STRANDMON Armchair - £195 - Ikea

Pineapple Candle - £35 - White Mint

Grey Pattern Cushion Cover - £3.99 - H&M

Copper Alarm Clock - £8 - Asda

Copper Desk Lamp - £10 - Ikea

Lunar Moon Phrases A4 Print - £16 - Old English Company

What do you think? Do you like simple monochrome, or are you more of a bold and bright lover?

Laura x

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