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New In - Pencil Cases

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Pencil cases, you remember those? They are what we used to store our pens in; which we used to write on paper with. You can use it in the event of emergency laptop failure. (I'm not sure I'm selling them very well...)

These pencil cases come in four different designs; in either natural cotton with black print, black cotton with gold glitter print, or black cotton with silver glitter print. They measure roughly 25cmx10cm and are roomy enough to fit all your favourite stationery in.


They make great gifts for teachers at the end of term, or are perfect for starting the new year at school/college/university (or just a new day at work if you are of that age). As always, I'm printing them myself so if you'd like a personalised pencil case just send me an email over and we'll get that done!

Pencil cases are available here at Etsy and here on this website.

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