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New In - Muggles, Girl Gangs and Dancing, Oh My!

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The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted some new designs that have appeared on our Etsy shop and over social media in the last week or so. It's true, the designing bug has bitten again and I've done a few new quotes and printed them across our range of accessories and stationery.

First up, one for the Potterheads. Don't Let the Muggles Get You Down was a staple quote of Elsie and Nell of old, and I can't really remember why I stopped using it. Maybe I just needed a change, but it's back and better than ever! Our Don't Let the Muggles Get You Down print is available on makeup bags, tote bags, banners, prints and cards.


Next up are two for the girls getting shit done, the #girlboss if you will. The first of these new designs is 'Go Get 'Em Girl' and is perfect for motivating you to go out and smash it! Imagine how much more productive your days could be if your makeup bag cheered you on to greatness every morning. Mmmhmm, let that sink in. This design comes on a banner and makeup bag.

The second is 'Support Your Local Girl Gang' and is perfect for showing your support for your ladies. This one comes in banner and tote form; the tote is perfect for advertising your solidarity because we all know the real magic happens when we help each other out, right?!







The next design (yes, I have been busy!) comes in tote form only, and it's perhaps the most true of anything I've ever done before. 'There Should Really Be More Dancing' sums up how I see the world; it has a distinct lack of spontaneous dancing and I'm going to carry my tote bag so people know how I feel. 


The last of the bags is a good'en. This one is a makeup bag with 'Warpaint' on, because let's be honest with ourselves; our makeup is our warpaint. It gets us ready for the battle of every day life, and is very often our amour making us look tough when we maybe (and only very occassionally) don't feel it. Wow, things got real there.


Finally, the return of a much loved print, the mushy-but-lovely 'I Love You To The Moon and Back'. It's been updated with a new font and grey watercolour style background, but it's still the same sweet message it was before! 


That's it! Although I do have some more new-ness coming next week... watch this space! Rememmber, I print everything myself so if you fancy one of the above or any of my designs putting on an item it is advertised with, most of the time this isn't a problem, so just chuck me an email over and we'll get it sorted.

You can find the new items on Etsy, and they'll be available on this website very soon!

Till the next time!

Laura x

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