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So, if you didn't already know, I LOVE instagram. I love that it's visual, and things just grab your attention, I love how easy it is to find new businesses and people to follow, and I love that people put thought into how it looks, sort of like a visual moodboard. (This is mine, very pink and bright!)

Of course it's hugely curated, and my blog post a couple of weeks ago talked about this and about how what we see is very different to the reality (go check it out if you haven't read it!) although the new Instagram Stories go a long way in bringing back the real-ness and behind the scenes glimpses.

I've gone through my Instagram and found some of my favourite accounts, so if you are looking for new people to follow, why not check these out! Just click on their names to go straight to the accounts!

Emily Coxhead 

I love Emily's products; they are all based around positivity and colour which is something I am very invested in in my own business. Her little comics and drawings are so cute, and you are sure to have your day brightened by whatever Emily posts!


This is Sophie's instagram account; look at all that colour!! I really love seeing what Sophie posts, it's always bright, positive and lovely and complements her business and products perfectly! If you want some fun and colourfulness adding to your feed, definitely follow onetenzeroseven!


Next up is Zsuzsanna from Zetaemme. Zsuzsanna makes the loveliest crochet and tassel jewellery and accessories, as well as yoga bands which are a must for anyone with long hair! I love the fresh and cleaness of Zsuzsanna's account, she uses pops of colour so well to create a really nice feel to her Instagram and her business.

Hello Sunshine

Wowww, have you ever seen a more well organised Instagram then Jo fro Hello Sunshine's? It's so yellow and lovely! I love how well she's got her brand down; it looks so good that you can't help but love and admire it! Go follow Jo for sunshine, yelloe and cute cats!


Hopefully you found some new accounts to follow, there are loads more that I love but it would take me days to list them all, and even longer for the web page to load if I'd included images for each one! I'm always looking for new accounts to follow, so leave me your links below, and the links to your fave Instagram accounts and I'll check the out!

Laura x

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