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My Craft Market Top Tips

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As with all top tips posts, I'll start with a disclaimer: I do not know what I am doing. These tips are by no means THE way to do craft markets, but after days freezing behind a table and making just enough to pay for the table (and sometimes not even that) I've learnt a few things I though I'd share.

1. Choose your markets wisely. This might seem obvious, but when you see one only a few miles away with a £10 table fee it can be tempting, but think about it properly. Is this your audience? Will you fit in? Do you want to fit in? Is it the right time of year? 

2. Don't expect too much. Most markets outside of Christmas are not going to be huge money spinners; people need a reason to buy and "I like this" isn't always enough to splash the cash. It's always good to go into markets thinking about it as a way to advertise and for people to see your products up close, and sales are a bonus.

3. Take business cards/ promotional material/ vouchers/ a mailing list sign up sheet. Basically pimp yourself out. Make people remember you after they've left your stall, I always pop a little free delivery voucher in with purchases; the customer obviously likes your things and who can resist free postage?!

Photo: Pygmy Cloud

4. Plan your stall (but not too much). Make sure you have your stall sorted; display items, price tags, signage etc but be aware that you might have to change it. Tables aren't always as big as advertised (sometimes they are bigger), they could be super narrow or you could be put somewhere that means you can't use the space like you'd planned. Be prepared to change it around.

Photo: Elsie & Nell

5. Use height for displaying items. You want to make your stall as interesting and exciting as possible so think about building it upwards, this also gives you more space to show your work! I use old suitcases stacked on top of one another; this means I can use the space inside the top suitcase but also stand things around the bottom of them without my products blocking each other.

6. Show off your brand. If you have brand colours, make sure you use them! Paint your display items, or make your signage in your colours, think about what your brand is and plan your stall accordingly. I think it looks amazing when a stall represents the products and brand perfectly.

Photo: Hello Harriet

7. Network!! Markets are a great way to find like-minded people, exchange business cards and follow each other on social media; you are sure to find some great new businesses and creatives!!


Let me know if you have any craft market top tips!


Laura x

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