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Getting Real - Why Ghostbusters and other Female Lead Films are Important.

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Important with a capital I, and not just because it's at the beginning of a sentence and I am a grammar nerd (although, come on guys, that's a basic one).

Along with the entire world, I've seen the absolutely vile things that have been aimed at the new Ghostbusters film and it's cast. And let's get real, it's because they are women. Yes, I said it. It's true; people can say it's because it's remaking a classic film all they want, but before this the worst reaction a remake has gotten is an eyeroll and some dismissive words. My two favourite films ever The Sound of Music and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (they go together perfectly...) are being/have been remade for US television, and although I'm not impressed, I didn't send descriptive hate mail to Carrie Underwood or hack Laverne Cox's emails. I just rolled my eyes, rewatched my version and moved on.

This new Ghostbusters however is important, if I haven't already mentioned that. Because for once, little girls are being shown that they can be clever, and it does have to be a side note to being pretty. You can be clever, really clever and not a cute nerd, or the girl who takes her glasses of and was really super hot all the time. Just clever, and really, really funny.

When I was little, the Spice Girls were huge. I was five when they came onto the scene, making peace signs and shouting "girl power"; so as five year old little girls do, we copied them. They were five pretty normal girls, they had accents and distinct personalities and we could all identify with one of them (I was Sporty), they were loud and unapologetic and so were we. And we still are. This third wave feminism we are now seeing is built on a generation of girls who were shouting "girl power" as soon as they could talk, because that's all they knew. We still need that.

Maybe remaking a film you loved is irritating, but little girls all over the world are seeing it and know no different. They don't know yet that the world expects them to be beautiful, but not know it, clever but not arrogant, successful but not at the expense of a family life. All they know when they see a female lead film is that they can do what the boys do; make jokes, run around, get mucky, be clever. We need more of that. Little girls need that.

Peace out,

Laura x



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